Deedee Alston


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About Deedee Alston

Deedee has a Masters of Business Administration degree and has spent most of her career working in finance & operations management & while that experience provides great value to her clients, some of the skills she is most proud of comes from marketing and building a successful business on the family farm and raising two boys.
A lifelong community member, she was raised in Vandervoort and has done everything from bucking slabs at a sawmill to providing consulting services for the government. She has lived her adult life working and raising a family in Mena, Deedee loves & knows this area! Her strong work ethic has brought her many opportunities in life & she is excited about putting her experience to work under the RE/MAX Mena Real Estate roof. She is an entrepreneur at heart and loves helping her clients see the potential whether it be in an 80’s home that needs a remodel or in properties that lend themselves to business opportunities. She has the personal experience in both and loves providing resources to assist her clients in reaching their dreams.